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I want my beautiful ordinary life

with you~

Beautiful Life
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This is an exclusively-TVXQ roleplay community. :D It's here for entertainment purposes, so feel free to read as all entries are public. Logs shall be posted and we're writing for DongBangShinKi fans in general. However, don't add the muse journals or try to join the comm (though you may watch). You won't be accepted because this is a community/forum created for just the muses. ^^; Thank you.

Notes: We are no longer using the Memory system -- got too far behind and I don't even know where I stopped last time.

Our JaeJoong, YooChun and JunSu are currently retired and we're going to keep it that way for now due to the instability of the muse situation in the past couple months. We're sorry.

for player reference♥♥

Korea Living Conditions
* now living in a four bedroom apartment with manager and caretaker
* share one room, five beds
* one room for manager
* one room for caretaker
* one room as giant closet
* two workrooms, MinSu/JaeHoChun
* irl, watch the house tour

Japan Living Conditions
* three room apartment
* room arrangments

* HaeRi is the name of the caretaker

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[LOG] or [personal] or [private]
* place under a cut with a brief description if it is a log


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