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Beautiful Life

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Welcome to un_forgettable, a roleplaying community focused on the korean acapella dance group, Dong Bang Shin Ki (동방신카/東方抻起). Everything written here is FICTION based on real events going on in the boys lives.

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Layout made by Haido in photoshop cs, brushes and textures came from Hybrid Genesis. Image provided by Yoon.

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[personal] [Monday
July 24th, 2006]

It's nice to see you all smiling again.

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[OOC] [Saturday
July 15th, 2006]

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JunSu, JaeJoong, and YooChun at this game have been retired. For a while, we'd like to just keep it MinHo. When we open up the three other slots, there will be an announcement. ^_^; Sorry.

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